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Month: August 2017

Money 29 Aug 17

WELCOME to Money, TD’s Tue feature on what the Australian dollar is doing. Yesterday the Australian dollar was dancing to three-week highs, today not so much, with North Korea bursting the Aussie’s bubble after it launched a missile over Japan. The dollar was down 1.2% against the Japanese Yen this morning as a result. There was also a 0.6% drop against the US dollar and Euro, while it lost 0.3% in gains in New Zealand’s dollar. It was not all bad news for the Australian dollar overnight as it began to recover against the South African rand after a drop on Fri night. Wholesale rates this morning. The post Money 29 Aug 17 appeared first on Travel Daily. Source: Travel...

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AFTA update 29 Aug 17

FROM AFTA’s chief executive, Jayson Westbury The collapse of the Reed Holiday group last week has no doubt come as both a surprise and disappointment to AFTA and the broader industry as there was no indications or early warning signs that had been presented in any way through the process of the ATAS accreditation. In fact, if anything the company had a good trading record and long history. So to all of a sudden, without warning go belly up is a mystery that will now need some forensic investigations. The liquidator who is now at the centre of this entire mess is clearly doing what they can to unwind where the money that is now clearly missing has gone, but the simple fact is, if the reports of over 1,000 passengers being impact are to be true, then one can expect that there is a great deal of money involved. So where is the money? It is a simple question for the owners of this business, a question that neither of them appear to want to answer. Meanwhile all of these poor unsuspecting consumers and travel agents in some cases are left wondering. While it is true that in days gone past the previous scheme arrangements may have bailed everyone out, in my view, that is simply not reasonable for the rest of the industry to have to deal...

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Window Seat 29 Aug 17

WHILE getting on the plane first for your flight may be exciting, experts have found it dramatically increases the risk of infection if another passenger is unwell. Researchers from Arizona State University in the USA made the discovery after studying plane-boarding scenarios to see how infection spreads if one passenger is sick. They found if a sick passenger seated in 16B boarded after everyone in front of them had taken their seat, the other travellers were more likely to catch an infection. Sitting in the aisle was also bad if you wanted to avoid catching a disease from a fellow traveller. They said using a two-zone boarding process, seating half the plane from the front and half from the back, would lower passenger contact by 27% and similarly cut infection rates. The post Window Seat 29 Aug 17 appeared first on Travel Daily. Source: Travel...

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Philippine comp last days

TRAVEL Daily and travelBulletin readers have until tomorrow to enter our Aug competition to win a trip to the Philippines (below). Pictured is a submission from Carolyn Farbrother from Carnival Australia who said: My ideal Philippines holiday is all about relaxation and luxury. Think about snorkeling in the warm waters enjoying the islands natural beauty whilst still being able to enjoy the fresh food washed down with a thirst quenching cocktail and later enjoy a relaxing massage!! All this and fantastic shopping as well! The post Philippine comp last days appeared first on Travel Daily. Source: Travel...

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Silversea CEO joins Cruise360 forum

SILVERSEA Cruises was represented by Roberto Martinoli, Chief Executive Officer and Barbara Muckermann, Chief Marketing Officer at CLIA Cruise360 Australasia, the world’s biggest cruise conference which took place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sydney last Fri. Reinforcing Silversea’s commitment to the local travel industry, both Roberto and Barbara met with key industry stakeholders during their visit in addition to taking part in panel discussions and specialist breakout sessions alongside other top execs from key cruise lines. Australia has become Silversea’s third largest market, in some destinations it is close to overtaking the UK as the second largest market...

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