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Month: November 2017

AFTA update 29 Nov 17

FROM AFTA’s chief executive, Jayson Westbury As I write this column today, Mt Agung, the very active volcano in Bali, is in the middle of causing all sorts of havoc for the travel and tourism industry for these coming Christmas holidays. Only the other day, while attending a Consular Services briefing with DFAT, there was a great deal of discussion about the what-if scenarios, contingency plans and how/what would happen with so many Australian tourists in Bali, should Mt Agung seriously erupt. The good thing is there are plans in place with airlines and local authorities doing the best they can to prepare for the worst. The logistics of moving so many people is of key concern and clearly with Bali being such a popular destination, plans are needed. As an industry, we have been down this road before and know only too well just how much disruption ash clouds and active volcanoes can cause, so I think the message this time is to brace yourself as I suspect more trouble is brewing. The challenge with events of this nature, that is natural “disasters”, is that one never actually knows for sure what is going to happen. From reports available, the volcano could just explode or it may just stop or somewhere in between. The real worry is how to best inform passengers who are booked to travel in...

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Window Seat 29 Nov 17

KIDS definitely have the knack of bringing you down to earth. Jamie Pherous, founder of Corporate Travel Management, has built a $2.3 billion company employing 2,200 staff providing services in over 70 countries – but his five children don’t seem to appreciate all that. Speaking at the CAPA/ACTE conference in Sydney this morning, Pherous said one of his sons gave him some full and frank feedback recently after seeing a photo in a CTM newspaper story. “I was so embarrassed dad – you look so old and fat,” he said – although Pherous (pictured today) looks OK to us! The post Window Seat 29 Nov 17 appeared first on Travel Daily. Source: Travel...

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Samoa eyes family market

AUSTRALIA’S love for Samoa continues to grow, placing it firmly as the island nation’s second largest visitor market behind New Zealand. A total of 17,077 Aussies visited Samoa between Jan-Jul this year, up 7% compared to the same period last year. “Samoa offers Australians great value for money”, Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) ceo Sonja Hunter told Travel Daily in Samoa. In the last few years the majority of Samoa’s visitors have been couples, adventure travellers and expats, however Hunter said she was keen to see more Aussie families visit. “We are a safe destination, now offer direct flights from...

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Hawaiian’s Brisbane birthday

HAWAIIAN Airlines celebrated its fifth anniversary of flying from Honolulu to Brisbane with an industry event on Mon night. Over 100 industry members gathered at a cocktail party at Brisbane’s popular Stokehouse Q. HA regional director Australia and NZ Gai Tyrrell thanked Queensland and the trade for its support of the flights. “Brisbane is an important part of our network, we have made firm friends in Queensland and attracted many wonderful, loyal passengers,” she said. Pictured are Gai Tyrrell, Hawaiian Airlines regional director Australia and NZ; Karen Macmillan, sales director Australia and partnerships manager AU/NZ; Melanie Waters-Ryan, coo, FCTG;...

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Pacific event expansion

THE team behind Treasures of the South Pacific (TOSP) has had a golden year, culminating with an early Christmas celebration among its trade partners in Sydney yesterday. “It’s been a great 2017 and we’re now looking at expanding what we achieved including more functions in key mainland capital cities as well as the secondary cities of the Sunshine Coast, Wollongong and Hobart,” said the newly elected president of TOSP, Richard Skewes. “The support shown from the retail sector has been unbelievable with over 400 agents coming to our events to learn about the South Pacific,” said Skewes. “Ninety-four per...

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