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Author: paul

Outbound travel slowing

MONTHLY figures released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate a flattening in international travel, as measured by “short term resident returns” during Feb. The arrival and departure figures showed a monthly decline of 0.1%, following no change between Nov and Dec, and a drop of 0.1% in Jan 2018. Overall outbound travel is just 1.1% higher than in Feb 2017, with the trend estimate for growth flattening to levels not seen since 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis. Year-on-year departures by Australian residents have dropped to New Zealand (-2.5%), Indonesia (-5.6%), the USA (-2.4%), China (-0.7%) and...

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AC grows support team

AIR Canada is strengthening its support for the local travel trade, recruiting three new staff at its Australian HQ as it prepares to ramp up operations ahead of its year-round flights between Vancouver and Melbourne. Revealing Air Canada’s trade focus exclusively to Travel Daily, general manager Australia & NZ Vic Naughton said the airline had increased its Sydney-based workforce by a third this month. The appointments include Imeleta Aluni, account sales and services coordinator, Eunica Maligalig, revenue & sales optimisation coordinator and Petri Johan Lehto as inside sales support coordinator, all reporting to Fei Revel who was promoted to...

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Indian opportunity for NT

A new report from Tourism Research Australia has evaluated the potential for tourism from India for the Northern Territory, noting a potential to capitalise on the existing strong Indian VFR market in NSW and Vic. Currently Indian travellers to Australia make up about 3% of total international arrivals, but less than 1% of NT visitation. Key recommendations included raising awareness of the Territory among both the Indian travel trade and consumers, with travel agents seen as a key source of information on NT options. The extreme price-sensitivity of Indian travellers means it is “vitally important to moderate the costs...

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“Ice-cream tourism” worry

CONCERNS about over-tourism have led to Trafalgar’s global ceo Gavin Tollman coining the term “ice-cream tourism”. Speaking with Travel Daily this week about the topic, Tollman said the expression refers to the influx of tourists that arrive in ports off “huge cruise ships”. Citing the experiences of a family friend who operates hotels on Italy’s iconic Amalfi Coast, Tollman said the local regretted being one of the key proponents to encourage cruise lines to the region several years ago. “He said to me, all that happens is you bring mass population that add nothing except usually buy an ice-cream,...

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Great VA giveaway

VIRGIN Australia is offering over 20 million Velocity points among other prizes for travel agents selling VA tickets, with the top 35 selling agents between 03 Apr and 01 May to receive a whopping 500,000 points each. There are also prizes of international flights, Velocity points or lounge memberships for the top selling 70 consultants each week during the promotion – see the cover page. Source: Travel...

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