KEY Queensland holiday destinations are plagued by some of the country’s worst airports for flight delays, according to a new analysis of government figures.
Sunshine Coast Airport suffered Australia’s highest level of flight delays in 2017, with more than 31% of departures leaving late.
It was rivalled by its Gold Coast counterpart, where 24% of flights were delayed.
The two were separated by Hobart at 27%, making it the second-worst airport for delays and the worst of the capitals.
The figures were compiled from BITRE data by comparison website
The site says 24% of Launceston flights were delayed last year, putting it at fourth place ahead of Sydney (20%) which was fifth.
Other cities named included ABX (20%), ROK (20%), DBO (19%), MEL (18%) and MKY (18%).
Australia suffered more than 21,600 cancellations last year, with 25% of those in Sydney.

Source: Travel Australia