EXPRESS Travel Group ceo Tom Manwaring has lauded the growth of the Select brand today at the 17th annual Select Travel Group conference, held in Macao.
Manwaring highlighted an increase in the number of members in 2018 up 10% to 369 from the year prior.
A total of 37 new members had joined over the past year.
Manwaring said the company had witnessed growth in key product categories, with 50% of total sales now coming from river cruise, coach touring, accommodation & ocean cruising, “with plenty of opportunity for growth,” he added.
Destination demand for Europe, North America and the Pacific has surged in the group with “Asia off a little bit because of the impact of the OTA’s” but Select “still doing a lot of volume,” Manwaring said.
He was upbeat with the results saying the Select Group delivered product growth of 5% with aggregated growth of 17% across the Express Travel Group.

Source: Travel Australia