THE Tourism & Transport Forum (TFF) Australia is urging the NSW Govt to maintain its investment within the tourism and transport sectors in order to maintain the state’s position as the country’s largest visitor economy.
Ahead of next week’s 2018-19 State budget release, TTF chief executive Margy Osmond emphasised targeted investment was critical to ensure NSW was able to meet the challenge of future population growth.
“To ensure NSW realises the full potential of its visitor economy, the government must invest in tourism infrastructure, enhance nature-based tourism experiences, promote regional tourism, and support the growth of the NSW cruise shipping by providing long-term certainty around planning and investment for the cruise industry,” she said.
The TFF is pushing for increased access to Sydney Airport and has recommended the Government complement recent additional rail services to the CBD with more bus services to the airport.
“Journeys between Sydney Airport and the CBD are often a visitor’s first and last experience of Australia and it is critical that visitors and locals alike can access Sydney Airport in a timely manner,” Osmond added.
The Forum also outlined the importance of investment in integrated transport options to help increase visitor numbers across New South Wales by encouraging them to explore regional areas.

Source: Travel Australia