ROUTE 66, the famed highway which once ran from Chicago to California in the USA, is now the subject of a trademark case, with a lawsuit curiously brought by a European company.
The Route 66 Junkyard Brewery in the town of Grants, New Mexico (with its sign pictured below), is fighting the case filed by Cyprus-based Lodestar Anstalt, a company incorporated in Leichtenstein.
Court documents state that Lodestar owns the US trademark for Route 66 beers, as well as for the highway’s shield-shaped logo when applied to a beer bottle.
Route 66 Junkyard Brewery owner Henry Lackey’s court response says Lodestar should not be allowed to use the iconic name as a trademark “because it contributed nothing to what makes ‘Route 66’ great to all Americans”.
Despite being headquartered in Europe, Lodestar does make beer sold in America (left), with its Route 66 brand brewed in Wisconsin and also available in Spain, France, Slovenia, the UK, Croatia and Switzerland.
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