WELL it was a case of poetic justice for one disgruntled passenger travelling with low-cost airline Norwegian when he posted his complaint on the carrier’s Facebook page in the form of rhyming verse only to receive an apology in kind.
An excerpt of the poem reads: “Why can’t you be fair Norwegian Air, no headphones do you include, nine hours with no free food, the stress of a sixty quid bag, would make the plumpest of mammaries sag, aviational scandals from Scandinavian vandals, you’re a disgrace to the Norwegian flag.”
Whilst hardly the pinnacle work of T.S Eliot, Norwegian posted this in response: “We are sorry for any inconvenience that may have occurred, it can seem like our vision is sometimes blurred, but I can promise you that we try to fly like a bird,”
The airline’s apology was nice and snappy, even if the prose in this case was somewhat…
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